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Scars into Starts Inc

Our Mission

Our Vision

The mission of Scars Into Stars (SIS) is to serve as a domestic violence rapid response agency for women and families experiencing intimate partner violence. We seek to coordinate prevention, intervention, and support services to empower survivors towards recovery and living independently and safely!

The vision guiding Scars Into Stars is to be a haven for survivors of domestic violence across Massachusetts and to build a bridge for our clients to go from victims to survivors to overcomers.

Welcome to Scars into Stars, Inc.

About Us


Our mission is rooted in the belief that "Love is Never Abuse" We firmly stand by this principle, providing a safe haven for victims. 

"Why are we here?

To tackle the domestic violence crisis head-on, offering comprehensive services to Greater Boston's diverse communities. Founded by a survivor, Scars into Stars aims to raise awareness, coordinate support services, and empower survivors, fostering transformative change for women and families."

 The Problem:

Culturally diverse communities often lack access to comprehensive domestic violence services, exacerbating the problem.

● Intimate partner violence affects countless lives, causing lifelong trauma and suffering. financial burdens on the survivor's, families and society as a whole.

● loss of life

 visible, invisible scars and injuries, sexual violence,

 family separation

 mental health impact

 Victim blaming, and

 homelessness are prevalent outcomes of domestic violence, perpetuating the cycle of abuse.


 Our Solution:

Demographic Served.

At SIS, we're committed to supporting communities of color, minorities, and low-income women and families who experience disproportionate rates of domestic violence abuse. 

We understand the challenges faced by underserved communities in accessing opportunities, resources, protection, and quality care due to social and economic disadvantages. As part of our mission and vision, we'll coordinate high-quality, inclusive programs and services for clients with direct service providers that are culturally sensitive and accountable in the Greater Boston communities.

● SIS will provide comprehensive domestic violence services in Greater Boston, focusing on culturally sensitive support.

● Our approach includes service coordination, safety planning, prevention, intervention, and basic support services to empower survivors.

● By offering a survivor-centered, trauma-informed approach, we aim to break the cycle of abuse and promote resiliency and empowerment.

Cost-Effective Solutions for Clients and Families:

Our program and service initiatives are designed to be accessible and free for clients. Through innovative funding mechanisms, including leveraging clients' health insurance benefits, we ensure that financial constraints never hinder access to critical support services. By removing financial barriers, we enable survivors and their families to embark on a journey of healing and empowerment without worrying about costs.

Collaboration with Stakeholders:

We recognize the importance of collaboration with stakeholders, including community partners, governmental agencies, and donors. By partnering with us, stakeholders can decrease their workload and increase productivity in service delivery. Our streamlined approach ensures that resources are utilized efficiently, maximizing the impact of every contribution.

At SIS, we firmly believe that love should never be equated with abuse. Our survivor-founded organization is committed to advocating for systemic accountability and providing a safe haven for those in need. Join us as we strive to create a community where love is celebrated, and abuse has no place. I am uniquely qualified to lead this effort, drawing from personal lived experience and my profound purpose in victim advocacy. With a passion for empowering others, I am dedicated to ensuring that every individual who uses our services finds the support and guidance they need to heal and thrive.

I recognize the importance of building a team of compassionate, high standards, qualified professionals. I will ensure that our team consists of individuals with direct service provider experience, victim advocacy whom we consult and collaborate with to ensure our clients receive compassionate care, adequate, reliable, and consistent programs and resources for self-help- self-sufficiency outcomes.

"Lived experience and God-given purpose are different from learned academic and professional expertise backgrounds. as important as those qualities are, the impacts from individuals with lived experience are very different from those without."

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