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My Story

With heartfelt conviction and personal experience as a Survivor, I proudly stand before you as the founder of Scars into Stars, Inc. (SIS). a domestic violence service coordinator agency, we are diligently working towards our launching in the summer/ fall of 2024, serving the greater Boston communities. 

In my role as a Survivor and advocate, I intimately understand the harrowing path that victims of domestic violence tread because I've walked in their shoes, lived in their house of horror.  My own life has been deeply scarred by the hands of my abuser, who subjected me to physical, emotional, and mental abuse almost every day. His unpredictability, instability, and dangerous tendencies left me fearing for the very lives of myself and my youngest daughter who was 6 years old when I met my abuser. The ongoing vicious cycle of violence traumatized us and forever altered our beings.

Every day became a battlefield, rendering me unable to function normally. Hopelessness consumed me, and I felt as though each breath I took could be my last. In silence, we suffered, burdened by the constant fear for the safety of my loved ones. Shame, guilt, and doubt consumed me, preventing me from reaching out for help, unwilling to let anyone know of the abuse I endured. And when I finally mustered the courage to seek assistance, I was met with the devastating realization that there were no available shelters for us to escape to. I had to persistently call crying out for help, navigating a fragmented domestic violence system, all while trying to ensure my abuser wouldn't discover our plans. Exhausted and alone, it took nearly a year for us to receive the support we needed so desperately needed.


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In the midst of this seemingly endless darkness, a beacon of hope appeared. After a beating that nearly claimed my life, a compassionate social worker at Boston Children's Hospital emerged helping me with financial & emotional support to relocate. With God's love and their assistance, and my family's support, I found the strength to hold my abuser accountable for the choices and unspeakable acts he had subjected us to, and my faith even small as it was & counseling became the cornerstone of our lifelong healing journey. 

Though the process of filing a restraining order and navigating the court system was terrifying and arduous, it was imperative that my abuser faced the consequences of his actions, not only for myself and my children but also to protect others from his malevolence.

I found unwavering support from a dedicated district attorney, a vigilant domestic violence detective, and police officers at the Dorchester police station C-11, and compassionate court advocates in Dorchester & Malden district court. However, despite efforts, he received a maximum sentence of only three and a half years and was eventually released back onto the streets.


Throughout my healing journey, I have come to recognize a profound calling within me—a purpose that surpasses my own survival. It is my firm belief that opening SIS, a non-profit organization, is my life's true mission & passion. Our primary aim is to coordinate prevention, intervention, and support services with direct service providers on a community base level that address intimate partner violence. We strive to assist victims, survivors, and their families in navigating the crucial resources they desperately need. Additionally, we hold a long-term vision of establishing a safe house—an emergency transitional space where individuals can find refuge and ultimately secure safe, affordable, permanent housing solutions. Scars Into Stars, Inc. is dedicated to ensuring that no one has to face the horrors of intimate partner abuse alone, and that they are never left to fend for themselves, feeling helpless, hopeless, and forgotten. Our cornerstone belief at (SIS) "Love is Never Abuse."

as a woman of faith, a survivor, an unwavering Advocate, the founder & Ceo off scars into stars, I stand to build communication, trust, transparency, authenticity with survivors and families. create our dedicated team of board members and collaborations, networking with direct service providers, and community outreach engagement!

Elizabeth Monteiro, a survivor,

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