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Volunteer with Scars into Stars (SIS) Transforming Lives, Building Hope


Thank you for considering helping an volunteer with Scars Into Stars (SIS), a dynamic organization dedicated to supporting women and families experiencing intimate partner violence. Your commitment as a volunteer will play a crucial role in helping us launch our services in early 2024 and create a community where survivors can thrive and rebuild their lives safely and independently.

Why Volunteer with SIS?

At SIS, we believe in the power of community and collective action. Your involvement as a volunteer can make a significant impact on the lives of survivors. Whether you are interested in guiding the organization as a member of the Board of Directors or contributing your skills to fundraising events, your support will help us achieve our mission.

Scars Into Stars

Volunteer Opportunities: help us!

Board of Directors Volunteer

  • Role: Guide operational governance, mission, and vision.

  • Responsibilities: board officers, executive.

  1. Secretary.

  2. Treasurer.

  3. Vice Chairperson.

  4. Chairperson, plus two more.

  5. Maximum board members requirements.

  • Establish a foundation with accountability, guidance, transparency, and effective leadership.

  • oversight and for programs and services.

Fundraising Event Volunteer coordinators

Time commitment, date's varies from special implementation & assigned tasks & event promotions.

  • Role: Plan and execute community special fundraising events.

  • Responsibilities: 

  1. Develop action plans for events, including planning, development, and follow-up.

  2. Coordinate community outreach and engagement strategies.

  3. Utilize social media for awareness and event promotion.

  4. Collaborate with event planners on logistics, menus, and ticketing.

  5. Seek sponsorships from local nonprofits and businesses.

  6. Outreach and follow-up with stakeholders and potential partners.

  7. Commitment: Flexible, based on event schedules.

How Your Volunteer Support Helps

Your involvement directly contributes to:

  • Establishing a foundation of accountability, compassion, transparency, and leadership and community impact.

  • Offering crucial support services for survivors of intimate partner violence.

  • Creating awareness of our mission through community events and social media.

  • Building a network of support from local nonprofits and businesses.

For more information on fundraising and board of director volunteering & special events opportunities please email


Join and make a difference in the lives of domestic violence survivors and families across Massachusetts. Our organization, founded by a survivor herself, is seeking passionate individuals to serve on our working board. As a board of directors, you will have the opportunity to provide oversight and governance, improve overall performance and promote trust among stakeholders, aligning strategies with mission, goals, exercising accountability, having a high level of ethics and integrity and network with other professionals to empower and strengthen survivors. Apply today and be a part of a life-changing mission.

Through monthly meetings over the course of a year, we will work together to support survivors of domestic violence in Massachusetts.


Our organization believes in empowering volunteers to play a critical role in achieving our mission. We are committed to building a strong, supportive community of individuals who are dedicated to creating a safer and healthier environment for survivors of domestic violence.

Join our working board and be a part of a team that prioritizes survivor empowerment and community-building. Let's work together to make a significant impact in the lives of those affected by domestic violence in Massachusetts. 

Scars Into Stars, Inc. (SIS) is a newly incorporated non-profit organization that will be based in Massachusetts, serving the greater Boston communities. seeking to be established as a 501-c (3) charitable organization in the coming months and launching in 2024.

Dedicated to coordinating vital services and resources to survivors of intimate partner violence. if you are passionate about making a difference and creating a community where "Love is Never Abuse" prevails, we invite you to join & connect with us also on social media on Facebook, twitter & LinkedIn at) Scars Into Stars1

or send us an email: 

best regards,

Elizabeth Monteiro

Founder & CEO

A Supportive Hug
Scars into Starts Inc

Join Us in Building a Better Future

To become a volunteer with SIS, please visit our Volunteer Page and fill out the application form. Your commitment will help us create a community where survivors can access resources, opportunities, and move forward towards a brighter, safer future) attach board application PDF files and cover letter word document.

Note:* Scars Into Stars (SIS) will be set to launch in early 2024, and your support as a volunteer is instrumental in making this vision a reality. Together, let's turn scars into stars.

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