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Our Services

SIS will operate 5 days per week, 9 am to 5 pm from Monday – Friday, and provide after hour emergency services for those in crisis. Each service providers collaborating with SIS will participate by signing a collaborative Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), which will outline a shared set of guidelines to govern the operational processes of SIS. 

In our first year at SIS, we're starting with two key plans. We'll have a full-time executive director and a full-time case manager. Their job is to organize services for up to 10 clients.

Startup Services

Education and Prevention Services

Workshops and community outreach events that raise awareness and seek to prevent family violence. "SIS" Employs a multifaceted approach to intimate partner violence prevention. this includes educational initiatives to raise awareness about the signs of abuse and batterer intervention programs to educate and prevent offenders from engaging in further abuse. These programs also focus on accountability and target behavior changes as well to break the cycles of abuse and trauma, particularly in communities of color and disadvantaged population.

Additionally," SIS" provides resources for individuals in abusive situations and promotes healthy, nurturing, relationship dynamics. By collaborating with survivors and organizations SIS establishes safe spaces and support networks, fostering an environment where survivors and families can seek assistance without fear or roadblocks. 

Through compassionate care and outreach programs, "SIS" strives to break the cycle and patterns of intimate partner violence (IPV), offering survivors the tools they need to rebuild their lives and transform their experiences into sources of strength.


Provision of information, support, safety planning, assistance with accessing Referrals to temporary housing for women and their families; SIS Intervention Support Services are dedicated to connecting victims with crisis intervention support by facilitating direct connections with service providers in the community. Through our intervention efforts, we ensure a seamless connection between survivors and the essential services they need during times of crisis, fostering a path towards healing and wellbeing.

Basic Needs

For domestic violence survivors, meeting basic needs is a crucial step towards regaining control and wellbeing. Scars Into Stars offers a pathway to help find essential resources such as safe housing, food, furniture, clothing. Our support extends beyond immediate necessities, encompassing information and assistance to empower survivors on their path to recovery. By addressing these fundamental needs, we strive to create a foundation for healing
and rebuilding.

Emergency Housing search assistance

At Scars into Stars, we assist in finding temporary shelters by actively searching for possible placements with direct service providers. locating emergency or affordable permanent housing options whenever relocation is necessary and the threat of homelessness.

While we cannot guarantee immediate placement to any clients, our dedicated efforts aim to provide support during this critical time.

We are committed to helping survivors on their journey to empowerment and recovery." 

Note: Scars into Stars doesn't provide shelter placement but will coordinate temporary emergency placement for clients in need of housing assistance who may be facing homelessness or are homeless and in immediate danger.

Victim Advocacy- Adult

Provision of information, support, safety planning, assistance with accessing resources, protection orders, system navigation

Victim Advocacy- Child

Provision of information, support, safety planning, assistance with accessing resources and protection.


Scars Into Stars assists victims and survivors by connecting them with essential services.

Connection With Resources

Connection with resources to supply food, shelter and clothing.

Workshops and Community Outreach Events

Workshops and community outreach events that raise awareness and aim to prevent family violence. Provision of information, support, safety planning, assistance with accessing resources, protection orders, system navigation.

To inquire about our domestic violence services Connect With Us!

Supportive Friend


Scars into Starts Inc

Decrease the waiting period for clients to access services on a community-based level.

Scars into Starts Inc

Provide a safe, supportive environment for victims and survivors to seek help without needing court protection/restraining orders.

Scars into Starts Inc

Increase and improve communication, trust and accountability amongst agencies serving culturally diverse communities of color and underserved populations.

Scars into Starts Inc

Reduce domestic violence abuse, physical injury, loss of life and children being placed in foster care systems or under department of children and family system.

Scars into Starts Inc

Reduce the number of victims that become homeless due to IPV, including child witnesses and family separation – particularly amongst families of color, and low-income underserved populations.

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