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Frequently Asked Questions

Transparency, clarity, and engagement at SIS promote trust and garner support from stakeholders and the community.

  • Volunteer: get involved How can I volunteer or get involved in other ways?
    1. How to volunteer? Complete the Board of Directors Application for board or fundraising/event roles. 2. Explore mentoring, and admin roles. community organizing, Contact (SIS) for details. Volunteer forms and applications, including board of directors' application or fundraising roles, are attached. 3. Application process? Submit, get interviewed to align interests with organization's needs for the right fit volunteers. 4. Short-term volunteering? Yes, both short and long-term commitments are welcome. 5. Benefits of volunteering? offers Fulfillment, skill growth, and the chance to support a cause you're passionate about. it allows you to be part of the solution, making a meaningful impact for those affected by domestic violence abuse.
  • "SIS" domestic violence advocacy and support service coordinator, serving the Greater Boston communities. kick-off in 2025
    emphasizing prevention and intervention services. Our outreach prioritizes low-income disadvantaged women and families of color in underserved communities.
  • What is the mission of your charity?
    The mission of Scars into Stars (SIS) is to serve as a domestic violence rapid response agency for women and families experiencing intimate partner violence. We seek to coordinate prevention, intervention, advocacy and support services to empower survivors towards recovery and living independently and safely.
  • How was your organization founded?
    Founded in 2022 in Massachusetts by a domestic violence survivor, Scars Into Stars emerged from the founder's journey, offering a resilient space for healing and empowerment.
  • What areas or causes does your charity focus on? Start-up Services Description: our charity focus on:
    Prevention: Conducting workshops and community outreach events to raise awareness and prevent family violence. Intervention: Assisting with emergency housing searches, providing referrals to temporary housing, and connecting individuals with essential resources. Basic Needs: Ensuring access to food, shelter, and clothing for those in need. Victim Advocacy (Adult and Child): Offering information, support, safety planning, and assistance with accessing resources and navigating systems for both adult and child survivors. Scars Into Stars, focuses on three core areas: Prevention, Intervention, and Victims Advocacy. We are committed to preventing domestic violence through educational initiatives, intervening to provide immediate support to those in crisis, and advocating for the rights and well-being of victims. Our outreach extends to women and children impacted by domestic violence, as well as victims experiencing homelessness. By addressing these critical issues, we aim to create a safer, more compassionate community for all.
  • How do you use donations?
    All contributions will be allocated to supporting general operating expenses, programming, and capacity building activities. Operational Costs Breakdown: Start-up; Launching operations, hiring key personnel. Executive Director and case manager staff. And providing competitive, fair benefit package. Training & Recruitment: workforce training, and board of directors' professional development, recruiting skilled and qualified team for a strong foundation. Program & Marketing: establishing prevention programs, intervention initiatives. Operational Essentials: Covering office space lease, events, equipment, insurance, utilities, and membership fees, Taxes. legal documents and overheads. Professional Services: Allocating for consulting, accounting, bookkeeping/HR, software system, Grant Writer, fundraiser, marketing and IT support.
  • What projects or initiatives are currently ongoing?
    Current Projects: Inauguration: Marketing the official formation of the nonprofit organization with events, campaigns, and initial outreach efforts to garner support and kick-off our mission and vision goals. launched our first crowdfunding GoFundMe campaign on March 19, 2024. we aim to raise seed funds crucial for our capacity building and general operational needs. board recruitment and development!
  • Can I donate to a specific program?
  • Is my donation tax exempt? Yes
    Scars Into Stars is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity. nonprofit organization and Donations are tax deductible.
  • Donation Summary:
    How to Donate: 1. Payment Methods: Credit/ Debit Card. Service provider, Integration, payment processors: Stripe, PayPal, customizable website donation forms, and real -time tracking. secure transactions, postal mail carriers. Features: One-time, or recurring donations, weekly, monthly, yearly options. 2. Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT): transfers from donor bank accounts. Direct transfer through the business banking institution (ACH) HarborOne Bank. 19 Warren St, Randolph, Mass 02368. Tax ID- EIN# 92-2489980 3. Third-Party Platforms: Welcome donations via GoFundMe crowdfunding sources, online platforms ensuring campaign links to our cause. use the link below. 4. Fees: Check with the payment method for associated fees. 5. Donation Receipts: Automatically generated; confirmation emailed for records. Donors will receive acknowledgment letters and receipts electronically or annually through postal service based on the address in our records.
  • Source of Support
    Individual Donation Foundations and Corporations Government Funding Fundraising Events Workshops/Training Best Regards, Elizabeth Monteiro Founder & CEO Scars Into Stars, Inc.
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